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Inefficient processes consume more time, money, and effort resulting in low productivity, inferior quality, and loss of competitive edge. Organizations, therefore, want to transform business processes so that tools, processes, and people collaborate efficiently to achieve business objectives.

Business transformation is no mean task. It involves making fundamental changes in how a business is run. Process Re-Engineering, Technology Modernization, Business Process Outsourcing /In-sourcing, Digital Transformation, Automation using RPA, Intelligent or Hyper-Automation are some of the strategies to achieve it.

The first step in each of these is to develop deep insights into the operational landscape.

If the implementation of your business process transformation strategy, is bogged down by the effort of acquiring process knowledge, or your teams are unable to identify risk or benefits and ROI, early in the process. Then Nxt-4Sight provides you, with a Cloud-based, low-cost solution.

Nxt-4Sight, is a Business Process Intelligence platform which along with our focused solutions (Discover-Nxt, Nxt-RPAfit and Nxt-ProMentor) will

  • Capture a 360 degree view of your business processes
  • Enrich data to generate process maps, flows, and other artifacts
  • Store data in a centralized repository
  • Generate process analytics, and visualizations for detailed insights into business operations.


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Business Process Intelligence

Capture and discover entire business processes with our automated process discovery solution, Discover-Nxt. Build a high-quality centralized process repository quickly and at a low-cost. The process repository will provide critical inputs for process transformation and other process improvement initiatives.

It also helps in day-to-day activities with inputs on resource allocation and utilization, training of operation teams and identifying process improvement areas through process analysis. This results in

  • Quicker implementation of process improvement initiatives
  • Reduced risks of re-work and defects
  • Get Business Transformation off the ground faster
  • Cost saving of around 30% during implementation

Business Process Transitions

Are you are transitioning your Business Processes due to Off-Shoring or Out-Sourcing?  Or consolidating processes into a single shared services? If yes, you need a well-planned and effectively managed process transition. Our Nxt-ProMentor solutions  delivers a Knowledge Management Framework that enables the business to

  • Disseminate and assess process and domain knowledge within the team
  • Reduce the time, effort, and risks involved in Business Process Transition
  • Encourage a culture of continuous process improvements within the organization
  • Assess and Certify your teams knowledge

Business Process Assessments

Our Nxt-RPAfit solution consists of in-built models to assess processes for Automation using RPA, Intelligent Automation or Hyper Automation. The Assessment Model calculates feasibility, risk, effort, cost, benefits, and Return on Investment (ROI) based on the Business Process Parameters. This helps in building an effective business case for process transformation.

We can also build Assessment Models for different types of activities like Process Transitions, Process Consolidation, Process Conformance etc.

With Process Assessments, your business can

  • Capitalize on these assessments to make strategic decisions
  • Improve processes to unlock maximum business value
  • Accelerate your business transformation and minimize risks
  • Streamline business processes

How can Nxt-4Sight help you make better business decisions?

Nxt-4Sight is a scalable Business Process Improvement platform driven by an agile methodology and implementation capabilities with minimal disruptions to your day to day operations.


Redefining BFSI through NxtWorx automated process discovery
Giving the retail industry the advantage to reinvent their approach for better customer engagement
Focus on health promotionand early intervention with better data analytics and visualizations
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